12 thoughtful tech gifts under $50

Written by By Cecelia Lozano, CNN

For all the holidays and blessings that we are able to enjoy every year, too many gifts we receive seem to lack the materialism that we hope makes for happy families. So we asked members of the editorial team at “CNN Underscored” to share their favorite thoughtful tech gifts that make them happy each year. Here are some of their favorite tech gifts under $50.


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Always a fan of independent and inspiring women, LifeProof created the LifeProof Lynx Case to protect its key customers’ phones from the daily drops and bumps that they inevitably experience, and stay safer — whether the phone is in the case or on its own. It attaches to the back of your phone to keep it safe from water, dust and drops of various depths. The material is durable and durable enough to withstand temperatures that are up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the vibration and splash resistance of silicone and rechargeable battery. The included stickers are personalized with a message, and it also comes with a magnetic side key ring and is available in black or white. $39.99.

“You really need to watch your Ps and Qs with this.”

Ease pain

“For those of us who travel for work, my favorite luggage that we found so far is what I will be using for holidays: the Meguiar’s Ultra Clear suitcase. It’s a sleek travel case made of a high-density waterproof polycarbonate and the bag is now available in more colors! When you travel, your laptop is going to be in there for a while, and I use a Macbook Air because it’s my favorite, so for travel, I always travel with a bag. I like the way that the bag protects my laptop during aeroplane trips, but the bag is also very easy to pack as I can just unfold it.” — Christy Ibarra, CNN

Upgrade your iPhone

“My favorite phone upgrade is one I just bought in the last couple of weeks, which is a superchic iPhone X. Yes, that new iPhone really lives up to its hype.” — Judith Watson, CNN

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Just me and my kids — makes you happy, right? Photo credit: This Content is Company/Newscom

“Since we couldn’t get an acceptable one, I feel really bad that we were not able to get it until after Christmas and spring break. My sister bought us this tray for our desk that I love and I’m really going to clean it up this week, but it’s going to be interesting to watch the reflection of the light through the glass. So, I’m going to spray it with Windex on the front and GlassBlast and wait to see how bright the reflection will be.” — Laurel Robinson, CNN

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