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If you’re just leaving the mails and wondering what’s out there – or just want to stop your bank shouting at you – this might be a good time to get a new lease of life.

But you won’t pay anything like the going rates.


It started with America. And nothing puts the future into perspective better than seeing the toll charged by an unauthorised overdraft. Eventually, the Bank of England was brought into the debate, and they came up with something they thought might work – a minimum transaction fee for debit transactions.

TV technology has moved on. There’s now a lot more competition – as every high street bank has an app.

You no longer want your bank to work in conjunction with Apple Pay. You want an app in your pocket, and want to do it quick, easy and on the go. So we’ve got options such as Apple Pay or Android Pay which means your bank can accept payments on their network for payment.

Britain’s banks are all still not ready for Apple Pay or Android Pay – and a price was imposed for failure. But it makes things simpler for you – they know what a minimum transaction fee is – and their administrators can’t keep checking to make sure that the payment is authorised. But they can look at what has been charged before the payment has been authorised.

With ABI figures showing that UK banking business revenues are around 3.1% down on last year, it has a big role to play in driving up income.

It says it is in the process of building and testing a system to enable UK customers to make electronic payments from mobile phones, smartwatches, and computers.

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If you’re thinking about buying or leasing a car, there are two things you need to do:

1. Consider your financial situation. Will you have to pay an upfront deposit for the car? Or how much will you pay in interest per month? This will depend on how much the car is worth on the day you buy it, and how well you manage your finances.

2. Understand how you pay for the car, and the repercussions of not doing so. Consider how the monthly payments might work with insurance, on and off-road car, car hire, and home servicing.

But don’t leave it there – get advice, and compare prices.

The best prices to buy a car are these years ago, when finance became very popular.



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