Disney Cruise Line: Register vaccinations for fall sailing

If you’re riding the Disney Cruise Line ship again this fall, you’ll have to register your last vaccinations with a doctor by September 30 to stay onboard. The policy mandates that all 5 and older passengers also receive the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and varicella (chickenpox) shots, according to a letter from Disney to its vendors and agents.

Earlier this year, Disney Cruise Line said that it would require passengers 5 and older to be fully vaccinated for some illnesses. At the time, it was met with some apprehension among travelers who had prior healthy attendance records on the cruise lines. However, when a disease threat became imminent, Disney said it had to take measures to protect the health of its guests.

“Recently, people were exposed to measles when cruise guests disembarked in ports around the world,” the letter said.

Disney Cruise Line said the signs and record keeping are to ensure an up-to-date immunization history before and while guests are onboard ships. For many cruise lines, there are schedules for passenger and crew on-board vaccinations. The letters from Disney to agents also reminded them to keep these records.

Disney Cruise Line was not immediately available for further comment.

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