Gilles Simon called for umpire to be fired after allegedly calling Peng Shuai ‘a communist huáchen’

Gilles Simon asked just four questions of Peng Shuai at their post-match news conference following their fight for the first set of the French Open first round Thursday.

The eight-time Grand Slam singles champion was immediately pointed to the left, and when he asked for the reason for the move, the court umpire played translator:

And that’s the final explanation from the referee’s office about the treatment she received in the match.

Peng is said to have complained about the umpire’s actions, claiming he or she was biased.

After the match, both players gave the appearance that it would not be coming to an end, with Simon and the National Enquirer focusing on how he threatened to have Peng’s gear thrown.

Peng: “Of course, he is laughing,” smiled to the fans before speaking of Simon’s sexist words. “He called me many disrespectful names… He said, ‘I know all those huáchen (Chinese people) but I don’t know you.’ ”Simon: “No, I didn’t. I was only joking because I thought about if I’m now going to kill her in the street. The next morning I looked at the country I was born in.”Since then, Perez has taken to social media where she points out her solidarity with Referee Carlo De Angelis.

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