Snowfall? What snowfall means for Winter Olympics

Written by By Matt Chaban, CNN

The UK is set to freeze for several days of gale-force winds, heavy snow and harsh weather that will also put plans to launch the Winter Olympics in jeopardy.

Late last week, heavy snow in some parts of England and Wales prompted police to issue warnings about road travel, while an elderly couple was forced to abandon their car after being unable to walk.

Snow flurries are forecast for most of the country on Tuesday and Wednesday, with nearly five inches expected in some rural areas, while Wednesday could see the highest totals of 12 inches in the north and east of the country.

Forecasters are warning of severe winter weather across the country, including widespread rain and wintry showers.

This week, the Met Office issued severe weather warnings for ice over large parts of the country, with cold wind making it feel even colder.

It could be the coldest spell of weather on record for December in the North East of England, and for Wednesday – Friday as cold air sweeps in from the North Pole.

Meanwhile a strong low pressure system is barreling across the South Pole, bringing snow and freezing rain to southern parts of the UK.

A separate Weather Channel forecast predicts up to 20 cm of snowfall could fall on Monday and Tuesday across southern parts of England and Wales.

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