The world’s 50-foot long electric yacht


Saudi Arabia and China set the record for the largest vessel to ever sail the seas, the 351-meter “Qassim S” – currently, it’s the largest yacht in the world. That’s good news for investors who can snap up a slice of the almost four-story vessel before someone builds a newer, cheaper, and (hopefully) better model that will beat the value of the current number one — which has an onboard powerplant that generates 1,200 kW of electricity and took 4,500 man hours to develop.

In the meantime, maybe you can snare one of the companies that supplied its winch. Among the suppliers are South Africa’s MWAS, Italy’s Adroit International and Denmark’s Brunswick Yachts.

The list is lengthy: TI E + LL is currently listing eight suppliers and one manufacturer.


Keep in mind that it’s big, too. The bigger the ship, the more bellies and pillars and how deep its bow can extend before having to go too deep. In the video above, be sure to check out how this thing weighs in at just under two tons.


The Qassim is going for a price of $550 million for the boat, and $6 billion for the building, so that’s about $600 million per house for the design, hammock and sunscreen.

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