WATCH: Google Firmly Acknowledges It Will Support Pentagon Software Takedown Deal

According to The New York Times, Google promised the Pentagon that it would not provide the Pentagon with special software to help target air strikes in order to earn huge $10 billion contract. Google said it was above and beyond the regular business of selling software to the Pentagon and other military agencies.

“No one wants to have our work used in offensive use,” said one person who witnessed the meeting. “We don’t want to be weaponized. But we’re willing to engage.”

But after complaints from human rights organizations like Amnesty International and an investigation by the paper, Google has relented and admitted that if it were offered a contract it would support a research partnership. Google has now said that the “scope of the research is proposed to be limited to anonymized data. The results of this research would not be used for offensive purposes and Google would not participate in the production of any offensive intelligence,” according to the Times report.

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