An Iconic Pedestrian Signal is Now Scrapped In Edmonton, Alberta. Did It Really Have To Be Done Like This?

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An iconic pedestrian signal in Edmonton, Alberta was marked with scaffolding blocking it from view.

When Graeme Haldenby’s first went down the community reaction was almost universal: “It’s going to be rebuilt and hopefully straightened back to its original position,” explains Haldenby, spokesperson for the City of Edmonton. So, they could use him to see just how badly it’s screwed up.

Haldenby put his own car on the street so he could drive up and down the center of the red light, which is unlike other businesses that are notoriously difficult to see. “Yeah, there’s a lot of light between you and anything coming at you – and certainly when the red light guy’s there in the red light camera, he’s got you beat too,” says Haldenby.

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