Saturday Night Live and the hidden power of Tom Hanks gifs

Pete Davidson’s&apos&apos last appearance on SNL was on 5 November, days after he was arrested in New York for a DUI and his grandparents died. He also had a pair of I Love NY boots burned to a crisp by Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and played a frog who was moping after his girlfriend’s boyfriend doused him in gasoline and set him on fire. The next night, he returned with two new bits: a play on Gangnam Style (his favourite song) and another ripped from a sporting event (Stonewall). His response to a Trump impersonation: “Sometimes you just have to, like, cuss at him”. When asked by Cecily Strong to name his favourite US president, he responded: “I’ll tell you right now it’s probably, like, … OK. Obama. Okay?” On this, his third cameo: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love the tax plan,” before admitting: “I fucks” Donald Trump a lot.

Pete Davidson: star of Saturday Night Live reunited with his daughter Photograph: Getty Images

But he first returned to impersonate his wife’s boyfriend, Eminem, and then offered his two cents on the relationship between Kim Kardashian and her rapper friend Tyler, the Creator, which recently ended.

Recently, Kanye West tweeted: “Tyler Is my brother. Kim K is a strategic wife to have a weird lover.”

Who’s totally gonna tell you that you’ve got to be happy for love — Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) December 7, 2018

On SNL, Davidson mused: “If you’re a feminist, you know what it feels like to be with someone who’s constantly going in and out of group chats.”

On Thursday, the new SNL show began with Kathy Griffin, who tweeted a GIF of her crying during her wedding to Jerry Seinfeld. She ended up crying again, but she explained that she had always been like that and it’s like her “survival mode”.

That scene of Kathy Griffin at her wedding is terrifying. The music. The panic. The moments before, on stage at Madison Square Garden. The tears that drip out during long pauses. — Ryan Mac (@RMac18) December 7, 2018

This led to a story on a Reddit thread about supposed Tom Hanks gifs, which were in fact Hanks gifs created by a Tim Drake, who is “a huge SNL fan who makes ASCII GIFs every year of the season with some SNL icons. This year, Tom Hanks was chosen and the result was this gif, and my movie We Are The Millers, I think, because of all the Lincoln jokes.”

When they finished making the GIF, Drake explained why they waited so long to share it: “Because I’m going through something right now too. Like literally, I actually have to act shitty to my wife to get her to let me borrow a potato chip. Just for the record.”

The next day, Drake came forward to reveal the truth: “I am not a genius.”

He is, however, a Tom Hanks gif maestro:

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