Spokesperson For Vet Advocacy Center Discusses Possible Solution To Vaccine Syndrome

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FOX’s Ashley Papa has “FOX on Pets”:

Well, the scientific community has published dozens of studies linking vaccine to Autism, seizures, miscarriages, immune system reaction, kidney malfunction, blindness, impaired hearing, seizures, increased appetite, incomplete digestion, memory, anxiety, hypersensitivity, infection, numbness in the hands and feet, tremors, neuropathic pain, and spasms, in addition to the usual list of adverse reactions from vaccines.

The most recent study published in Pediatrics by the University of Toronto, says the vast majority of the cases of autism and related disorders show up in children whose parents believed they had picked up autism from vaccinations.

Now one doctor thinks we might be able to protect children that way:

(Dr Klein) “We can vaccinate the dogs and wait for the human immune response to kick in.”

Dr Klein says vaccines go into a very “very small and flaky bay” of the dog’s body before they are given to a human. And after the vaccine is given to the human, the canine overcomes the response and makes antibodies that repair the brain, which mimics the stimulation the dog could’ve gotten. So after the vaccine, we would be going back to the dogs and giving vaccines to them.

The vaccine for dogs would be free and administered by veterinarians in time to stop the infections that cause the puppies to become so infected that their immune systems collapse and they have to be put down. And at the same time the child wouldn’t get any shots. Dr. Klein says he’s unaware of any medical organization that has supported this.

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