This Nigerian company is using freezing cold water to save on food costs

On the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria, neighbors Alexis Osada and Kennedy Omoregie work around the clock to keep more than 200,000 pounds of food cold.

“It’s just, basically, a refrigerated storage warehouse,” Omoregie told, “and we basically hold the entire thing.”

Omoregie, Osada and a crew of 60 are getting paid about $200 per week to keep warm, drink water and look after the cold storage. But since October, the crew has been able to make 50 percent to 60 percent more money — and the savings are translating into $5,000 in capacity for another year of storing food that would otherwise spoil.

“I’m learning a lot of different things and it’s still moving at a very rapid pace,” Omoregie said.

Little is known about how Naija ColdHubs works.

But the facility itself can hold more than 2 million pounds of goods — breads, fruits, fruit juices, canned goods, canned meats and salt, just to name a few.

ColdHubs isn’t the only company that builds cold storage warehouses to save money on food cost. The water – which freezes about 40 degrees below zero – costs 10 cents per pound, compared to the $1.99 cost to transport the goods.

“We’re proving in Nigeria that we can be efficient,” Omoregie said.

Osada said there are at least 10 more ColdHubs on the way.

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