Tom Ridge: Dems Have Nothing To Do With Fading Polls

I don’t know what happened on Wednesday… I don’t know who is in charge… I don’t know who decided to go this direction, this direction and the direction of polling. I don’t know how it started, I don’t know how it ends. I do know for sure that Hillary Clinton wasn’t speaking to the people who she is speaking to, or maybe she was, but I don’t know.

Today, November 4th, 2016, so we come forward. The Democrats aren’t just are always after politicians to control the corrupting influence of power. They’re also after ideological purity, or evergreen dead tree media. Now some are saying that at least one, maybe three generations of the Clintons. they’re just the latest – well, the latest of their many.

For the last eight years they’ve been scheming how they’re going to take over the free world and what they’re going to do. The Clintons of course were unceremoniously dumped by their own nation’s party last year for a variety of reasons, including the Clintons were thought to be not fit for public office, just by virtue of the fact that they were living a life of opulence and privilege, never mind being paid millions and millions of dollars for speeches in such powerful positions.

They are the Clintons and it doesn’t take a hacker or a nation’s army to identify them. What’s really going on here is the diversion of attention from the real story which, unfortunately, is that the US left, the left has moved not just left, as in voting left, but also is really xenophobic, they’re not focused on expanding opportunity, but really is focusing on closing it, on criminalization of an entire people.

I want to be clear. They have nothing to do with diversity as much as they have to do with preserving their own place in power, and the only way to do that is to provoke fear in the minority population, to start vilifying people and separating them from one another. That’s what they’re doing on many fronts.

But I have to make it clear, I have nothing to do with the lies in the polling. Not one bit. My point is, I’m from the center, I see my role as a real common sense centrist where the Democrats are kind of in kind of a snarl and they’re letting the right slip away. The left is standing with one foot held in cement and one foot out saying, not a word to the other side; with one foot planted in the soil, not allowing the other two foot out there to replace it. So, it’s not a vendetta, it’s a discussion; and I’ll let the Democrats sit around arguing amongst themselves and trying to figure out what to do.

The point is, maybe they start focusing on the message that’s getting through the chambers in Pennsylvania and in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States… that there are solutions to the big problems our nation is going through, they’re based on the values that were developed by a great nation, by the inventors, the innovators and the entrepreneurs, that is the American experiment, this idea that individuals are going to succeed not because of government, but because of their own intellect, their own ingenuity, their own drive, their own ability to succeed, and there are solutions to that, we all know those solutions and maybe the Democrats will focus on them.

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