‘World’s tallest infinity pool’ offers tourist a day out in the sky

Emirates SkyDome offers stunning views across the emirate – and another tempting advert for the Emirate’s reputation for bespoke architecture

The world’s highest 360-degree infinity pool is the latest ever attempt to appeal to the mesmerised masses: it features a 1,000-metre-long centrepiece in the shape of a 50-metre-tall vertical shaft, lit up at night by coloured LEDs.

Emirates SkyDome, on the roof of the Emirates airline’s skyscraper hub in Dubai, won an award in the international design category at the 2018 Pritzker architecture prize, recognising Dubai’s “prominent role in changing the global landscape of architecture”.

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But while the attraction to millions of world tourists could be good for the city’s reputation, it represents yet another lure to tourists, who then in turn drive up tourism spending in the UAE’s malls, hotels and restaurants. Tourism for Dubai currently accounts for nearly half the country’s gross domestic product.

The SkyDome will be accessible from a 550m-tall roof deck, with free-standing viewing platforms on three sides and hot-air trusses that lift visitors to the top. The pool will be lit with millions of cascading lights and paintings.

The main attraction, however, is the waterfall-style serenity of the sculpture at the centre of the pool. When night falls, the LED lights will be turned off and potted plants will bring the illusion of a forest in the sky.

“The Cityscape Abu Dhabi Gallery was the perfect venue to reveal this breathtaking image of the most spectacular infinity pool in the world,” said David Gilbert, the Emirates Group creative director, in a statement. “We could have used the art pavilion for this experience, but we wanted to bring this to a global audience for the first time and live up to our reputations for bespoke design.”

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