Exclusive Interview with Charles C. Johnson on Scott Scott Mosca and DeSantis Policies on Vaccines

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Last week the state of Florida Senate passed a bill to prohibit Scott Scott Mosca and his company, PharmaCentryx, from forcing pediatricians in the state to use any vaccine on their patients without parental consent. DeSantis who signed the bill Friday “owed it to parents to do what they see fit with their children.” DeSantis’ call to uphold the families’ rights through the state’s Mason Tvert amendment, show his concern for parents.

Charles C. Johnson, author of the Scam:

“Both DeSantis and Scott have broken their solemn agreement with conservative parents around the world. They were both supposed to protect parents from government tyranny. Instead both have been cowing down to the same government bureaucrats who play “God” but use their biases to order vaccinations against the will of parents. In Scott’s case, he’s passing legislation which directly contradicts his position he took during the 2016 campaign, when he said “We need to try and get away from government overreach. We need to try and get away from this idea that government has to dictate to us how we should raise our children.” Scott defended the bill he signed in comments to the press saying “the legislation doesn’t take a position on vaccines. It simply protects individuals who have the right to make their own health care decisions for themselves and their families.” This bill is an affront to parental freedom. A future DeSantis administration will revoke this revocation and we can look forward to seeing regulatory agencies coerced into going out of their way to put our children’s health and future in jeopardy when they instead should be putting it in the hands of their parents. Since Scott Scott is exploiting the medical grade of two, daddies products and the FDA is permitting their use…This bill was drafted to protect our children. Parents deserve to be empowered in that way, not bullied by government bureaucrats and national pharmaceutical companies to sign away our parents rights of choice.”

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