Revolve Studio pushes change in a competitive space

About three years ago, Lisa Smith was riding her bike to work. She was determined to get fit, but finding a Pilates studio that fit her was a challenge.

“I had a standard workout routine that I used to go to [that] didn’t reflect my body,” said Ms. Smith, who is Black. “I went and did a lesson at Pilates Studio 5, but they took a different approach and it was fun. It was so engaging and full of movement and I was still able to see immediate results.”

That experience inspired Ms. Smith, the owner of Revolve Studio, to open her first studio. Revolve Studio, a new boutique Pilates studio in Toronto’s hip Yorkville neighbourhood, was inspired by the idea of creating a space with Black communities that offers a diverse mix of classes, personalizing exercises for individual needs.

“I started the studio because of this prevalent feeling of feeling as if I’m not doing enough,” said Ms. Smith, who also works with the Black Gospel Mission in Toronto’s west end. “Everybody wants to feel good but also as a community we want to make sure we’re present and involved and enriching ourselves through our fitness.”

Revolve Studio offers Pilates classes, as well as fitness classes for your whole body. It also runs group classes, including Pilates for Fitness for Canine Partners. One of the studio’s most popular offerings is Reiki sessions, during which people can relax and connect with an energy source that they may have been missing for some time.

“We’re looking at making sure we are setting ourselves apart,” said Ms. Smith. “You walk in and it’s a visual cues the people around you. It has a lighter feel to it, so you really feel like you are in a safe space.”

Revolve Studio is open to all, from those who are all-fit to those who just want to get in shape. Owner Lisa Smith wants to share that experience with anyone, no matter who they are. — 𝒤𝒪𝓆𝓪 𝒣𝒪𝒪𝒪


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