Best places to go Tarot in the UK

“In a religious tradition, tarot is, like numerology, a vehicle for communication between the individual and the divine. Tarot can be seen as a mark of authenticity: an expression of religious belief.” – Based on the book The Everything Tarot by Susan DiPietro and Marie DiPietro

“The takeaway for me has been how strongly I feel spiritual; even just looking at the equation can get you the feel of the Divine being present in you. For me, the picture that came to mind was after I was in complete mourning for my grandfather. His death was very painful, but afterwards Tarot helped me find peace and let me to feel joy again.” – Bim Laise, author of ‘I Do Tarot’

“Tarot Cards are powerful tools that can help us express our spirituality, enhance personal relationships, and strengthen our faith.” – Jes Sutherland, spiritual consultant and associate professor of religion at Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“When I first learned about Tarot Cards, I was quite amazed by the divine connections that were expressed on the cards. I knew I needed to learn more about these ancient traditions, and started by reading Tarot by Susan DiPietro and Marie DiPietro. Today, I believe that Tarot is one of the most powerful spiritual tools available to me. I think of Tarot each time I use it and, while it’s just one piece of the puzzle, it sets me up to invite a Divine Presence into my life. Because I use Tarot often, it helped to ground me after losing all of my classmates in the tornadoes.” – Schafer Rothmann, marketing manager and Texas weather channel anchor for Cogeco Media Group

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