Are California’s Fires Elaborate Fakeouts?

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We’re seeing an increase in fires in California. Well, maybe an overabundance. But that’s exactly what they’re being called in the 2018 fire season that’s just about to get underway.

FOX’s Eben Brown reports in “High Heat”:

Earth rocked by a high heat wave today. Temperatures are surging into the 90s again today across southern California, where the combination of high fire danger and hot, dry conditions have prompted the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to upgrade the state’s Wildfire Threat Level from Elevated to High. The agency warns that the worst part of the heat wave will be ahead. In an email to residents across Southern California, the agency pointed out that this year’s potential wildfire season is early and that conditions are ripe for a more active fire season.

There are signs the high temperatures are bringing on the most intense fire potential. FOX’s Audrey Pasquarelli looks at the extra heat and explains why it is driving the fires:

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